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Our Partners & Supporters

KEY is extremely grateful for the continued work of our consultants, volunteers & communities, who offer their help from around the world.


Donor support

  • Jordan Banks
  • Joe and Larissa Canavan
  • Amoryn Engel & Kevin Warn-Schindel
  • Shaun & Stacy Francis
  • Tomasso Giulini & Ilaria Nardi
  • Scott and Magda Jeffery
  • Jay Kellerman
  • Dougal & Barbara Macdonald
  • Walter and Diana Maughan
  • Anthony Munk and Amie Rocket-Munk
  • Reza Satchu and Marion Annau



  • Adil Bashir
    Architect based in Nairobi
  • Susie Kacaba
    Lawyer in Toronto, KEY speaker.

    Rated as most influential guest speaker by Precious Blood students in Kenya.

  • Lewis Mudge
    Human Rights Watch researcher in Rwanda

    Spoke to students about the importance of human rights and the power of information.

  • Kit Milnes
    Environmental Consultant in Toronto.

    Helped educate students within the Lewa conservancy on environmental awareness.

  • Japhet Otike
    Librarian and Lecturer at Moi University

    Has published extensively on libraries and librarianship in Kenya.

  • Dr. Kinya
    Librarian and Lecturer at Nazarene University, Nairobi
  • Dean Rousseau
    Librarian Technician in Toronto
  • Vida Juozaitis
    International Librarian Consultant

    Advises on new and established libraries. Helps ensure KEY libraries qualify as properly constituted ‘school libraries’ and that there is an appropriate curriculum, fiction, and technology content ratio.

  • Dr. Vicky Ndibo
    PhD in Education at Columbia University

    Advises on book selection and has participated in three library setups.



  • Karen Nyokabi

    Karen Nyokabi graduated from Precious Blood Riruta in 2015. She is currently an intern at the KEY foundation. She plans to study finance at university. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies.

  • Kate Omao

    Kate Omao graduated from Starehe Girls’ Centre, the class of 2015. She aspires to pursue Law and marketing in university. She is currently an intern at KEY Trust. She loves to enlighten different people in the society on the importance of reading. Through the KEY Trust Foundation, this hobby has been developed.

  • Ombati Mabera

    Ombati Mabera graduated from Precious Blood Secondary School in 2015. She is currently an intern at the Knowledge Empowering Youth Foundation. She aspires to become an electrical engineer.

  • Lencer Ogutu

    Lencer Ogutu graduated from Precious Blood Riruta in 2014 with an A of 84 points. Afterwards, she joined KenSAP and got admission into Princeton University, New Jersey. She plans to join the school of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Lencer is currently an intern at the Knowledge Empowering Youth Foundation. She loves learning foreign languages and reading novels as a pass time.

  • Jimmy Otieno

    Jimmy Otieno graduated from Maseno School in 2014 with an A of 84 points. He worked as a volunteer teaching assistant for PACEmaker International after high school. He thereafter joined Kenya Scholar-Athlete Project (KenSAP) and successfully applied for admission to Stanford University where he will be pursuing Computer Science and Economics. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and problem solving and aspires to build his own fortune 500 company in the future. He is currently an intern at KEY Trust.

  • Precious Jebet
    First Library Captain of a KEY library

    Precious Blood Secondary School graduate. Enrolled at Dartmouth University.

  • Stephanie Maloba

    Stephanie Maloba graduated from Precious Blood Riruta in 2014. She is currently an intern at the Knowledge Empowering Youth Foundation. She aspires to become a Corporate Lawyer, a profession she learned about through the library donated by KEY to Precious Blood in 2012. 

  • Angela Moturi

    Angela Moturi graduated from Precious Blood High School in 2014. She plans to study Literature at university. She is currently serving as an intern at Knowledge Empowering Youth.

  • Judith Musangi

    Judith Musangi graduated in 2014 from Precious Blood Riruta, the best performing girls school in Kenya. She is currently an intern at KEY Trust. She aspires to study cinematography at university. Reading is her favourite pastime. 


  • Sophie and Tisca Chandaria
  • Saadia Karimbux Effendy
  • Shaun, Stacy, RJ, William & Christopher Francis
  • Julia & Gabrielle Gardner
  • Nathalie, Katherine & Henry Gaskin
  • Scott, Magda, Chris, Jessica, Cristina & Nico Jeffrey
  • Halle Kukulowicz
  • Bruce & Georgia Levitt
  • Brett, Cynthia, Allie & Kyle Marchand
  • Logan Rocket Munk
  • Vicky Ndibo
  • Cari & Genevieve Pelow
  • Claire Strickland
  • Daniela Tejada