The key process

KEY has developed three turnkey models—a refurbished 20-40 foot container, a refurbished classroom, and a new-build school library. Each model is outfitted to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable environment that promotes learning.

Our process consists of eight steps to ensure a smooth and effective library build.


Access to a KEY library gives students not only an enriching educational experience, but also a chance to develop a strong, confident voice that will serve them on the world stage.

  • Often when people think about building a library they just think of putting up a building and throwing the books in. The great thing about this is, working with KEY, we are able to learn from their experiences, and so, the formula was very easy for us to follow to put it up. I’m also surprised at how quickly it came up. It seems like only the other day that we were breaking ground, and now, we have a fabulous library. The structure is good, the content is good, and the girls are really excited by it.

    Bob Collymore
    Safaricom CEO

  • This library represents an enormous investment in the education of the girls here. The books are beautifully chosen. The books are a window to a much wider world… The books are very high quality. They’ve been selected with enormous care, and they will show the girls things about the world that they wouldn’t otherwise get to know about. About art, about health, about government, about great literature. It’s an extraordinarily diverse selection of books that will teach them about the world in it’s breadth, but will also teach them about home. There’s a very good selection of African literature, and books about African history for example. Clearly these books are selected with great care. They are extremely current. They are the most recent version of the books that are available, and they’re supplemented by some computer banks that give the girls access to some of the best electronic information available.”

    David Angell
    High Commissioner of Canada to Kenya

  • The new building is absolutely magnificent. The lighting is great. Plenty of natural light. The ability to get onto the internet because of the wifi, and I think that KEY have done an absolutely amazing job here, and I think it’s something that the girls of Starehe Girls’ Centre will benefit [from] for years and years to come.

    Les Bailie
    M-Pesa Foundation Executive Director

  • There’s a very wide choice of books. It is going to meet the interests of different people at their growth stage. It is going to challenge them in their thinking and in their understanding. It is also going to help them to learn a wide variety of subjects



    The Honourable Gerald Githinji
    Deputy Governor of Kiambu County

  • I started reading the books and it gave me a lot of determination to work hard… to become a lawyer and return to build Sudan.

    Form 1 Student - Sudanese Refugee
    St. Patricks High School